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Since 2017, Dolo Media has empowered personal brands to upload their very own video recordings and submit them to Dolo Media for professional editing. Here’s how it works…

Step 1:
Shoot your video

Record your video with your own smart-phone or DSLR camera.

Step 2:
Upload your video

Upload your raw video recording to our professional editors.

Step 3:

Own it! Personalize the edit by specifying desired fonts, color schemes, background music genre and more. 

step 4.

Submit your final edit to all of your favorite social and streaming platforms.

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the anatomy of our edits:


With cuts, we remove retakes along with any filler (like, um, uh, ya know, etc.) in an effort to streamline your message and present you as a highly effective communicator and thought leader. Thanks to our cuts, you can forget about the need to deliver your message perfectly in a single take. Instead, submit a one recording with multiple retakes (do-overs) and let us take care of the rest.

Color Correction

Here, we’ll adjust and enhance the lighting and colors of a video as needed to achieve a desired visual style or to correct any color imbalances or inconsistencies that may have occurred during filming or due to the characteristics of the camera, lighting conditions, or other factors.


Cropping and scaling ensures that the subject of the video fits the frame and is not crooked or off center. Cropping and scaling are also used to occasionally emphasize specific segments of a video. This technique is typically used in vlog-style videos where the subject of the video is speaking to the audience and there is a need to highlight certain words or phrases.

Animated Subtitles

Animated subtitles, also known as dynamic subtitles or motion captions, are a style of displaying text in a video that involves adding movement, transitions, and other visual effects to the text to make it more engaging and visually appealing. These subtitles are used to convey dialogue, narration, or other textual information while adding an extra layer of visual interest to the video content.

Background Music

Using background music in social media videos offers several benefits that can enhance the overall viewer experience and engagement with your content. Background music can set the mood, increase engagement, support your storytelling and so much more.

Sound Effects

Sound effects are used occasionally to enhance realism and capture attention. They’re also a great way to emphasize key moments, aid humor/timing and elevate the overall production quality of your video. 

Custom Color Scheme

Want to utilize your organization’s branded color/s through your video? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Custom Fonts

Want to utilize your organization’s branded font/s through your video? Consider it done.

Stock Footage

Stock footage can enhance the visual storytelling of your videos by adding context, depth, and visual interest. It can help convey emotions, set the tone, and establish a specific atmosphere.

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